What is CPM

CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions or Cost Per Mille): the cost per thousand impressions. Cpm banner ads (impressions) per 1000 per display. CPM is one of the most popular online advertising pricing model. Assuming priced at $ 10 / CPM, then a thousand times every means to see this ad, then you receive $ 10. As per CPM How much is charged, according to the popularity of home (ie, the number of visitors) into price level, take a fixed rate. Currently, due to the form of cpm online advertising is now more like, many advertisers are reluctant to accept this form of advertising CPM. But CPM has its own unique advantages. So many Union will take CPM to cooperate with webmasters. CPM forms of advertising: The main page of the website launch, when you open the page, while the pop-up customer’s site. That is, when a user visits the site when the site will automatically advertiser sites designated propaganda pages pop up. CPM include Cape bomb, bomb retreat, hidden bombs. Its characteristics are: attention and strong, easy to attract the eye; advertising hundred percent to reach audiences. From a long-term point of view, Cpm ads will be more advertisers of all ages.